Are there any physical restrictions after laser therapy?

Your doctor will advise you if there are any restrictions following the procedure.

When may I return to work or my normal activities?

You may return to work or school the day following your treatment. If your work involves physical activity, you will need to restrict your activities or remain at home for one week.

What if I have to cough or sneeze?

Use cough syrups or other medications to control coughing and sneezing.

Will I have blurred vision and how long will it last?

Your vision may be blurry for two to three weeks or longer after the treatment. Usually, but not always, vision will then begin to slowly improve to the pretreatment level.

Will I have pain?

You may have some discomfort around your treated eye. Advil or Tylenol is usually sufficient to relieve the pain. Please contact us immediately if you have severe pain or discomfort.

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Will my eye be red after the treatment?

The eye may be quite bloodshot following treatment. No therapy is necessary for this. You should not experience drainage or discharge after the first day.

Do I need to wear an eye patch after laser?

Your doctor may patch your eye after the procedure. If this is done, you should wear the patch for at least four to six hours. If no anesthesia was required, you will probably not be given an eye patch.

Will I need to use eye drops after the laser therapy?

Your doctor will discuss the need for eye drops at the time of the laser treatment.

How long do I have to wait before wearing contact lenses?

Generally, you can wear your contact lenses once the redness has subsided. This is usually within one or two days after the laser treatment.

Are there any driving restrictions?

Someone should drive you home after the laser treatment. Generally, driving can be resumed the next day. However, if you are having vision problems, then you should wait several more days until you feel comfortable driving.

How do I reach a doctor if I have concerns?

One of our doctors is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling 952-929-1131 locally or 1-800-635-1797 toll free. After normal office hours, the answering service will put you in touch with the doctor on call.