Let’s Look at the Macula

Macular Hole Surgery Minneapolis, MNThe eye could be likened to a camera. At the front of the ocular structure is a lens. This lens takes in light and focuses it onto the retina at the back of the eye so a clear image can be formed. What helps to form the images that we observe is a collection of nerve cells located in the central region of the retina, a structure we call the macula.

A Hole Where It Doesn’t Belong

Black holes in the galaxy are one thing, a hole in the back of the eye is an even more interesting phenomenon. It’s a problem that can affect the quality of life, and one that needs to be evaluated by a qualified retinal specialist. There is often no precursor to the development of a macular hole. Occasionally, this condition coincides with retinal detachment or results from a direct injury to the eye.

Diagnosing the Macular Hole

Symptoms that may occur in the event of a macular hole include changes in vision. Instead of vision being clear, it becomes dense with fogginess, or may also appear wavy. A dark spot may appear in the central field of vision, or it may become difficult to observe fine details when looking straight at an object. Because macular holes occur in only one eye, these symptoms will be unilateral.

The presence of a macular hole can be confirmed by observing the back of the eye with a special instrument. Specific imaging may also be performed to obtain a more detailed, cross-sectional view of the retina and macula.

Does a macular hole need to be treated?

It is not common for a macular hole to heal spontaneously. Most often, the hole continues to expand, causing vision to progressively degrade over time. Treatment with surgery is usually recommended. Fortunately, the procedure used to close a macular hole has a strong history of success.

Vision changes can be concerning. We’ve got you covered. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of macular holes at (800) VRS-2500. Vitreo Retinal Surgery has locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Blaine, Edina, Oakdale, Plymouth, St. Cloud and Duluth.

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