Based on the brief history, and what is currently known about the transmission, treatment and lifecycle of COVID-19,
It is imperative that we all take extra precautions, to ensure the wellbeing of all VRS Patients & Staff. Thank you for your understanding and support.

What Special Precautions is VRS Taking at this Time?

1. Any Patient that has a fever, cough or has traveled out of the United States in the past 2
weeks should contact VRS to discuss rescheduling care. Please call 800-VRS-2500.

2. All VRS Staff and Doctors are taking special personal precautions to maintain personal
health and wellbeing, to ensure that we are available to properly care for our
Patients. (Minimizing travel and crowd exposure, etc.)

3. Consistent with regular VRS policy, any VRS staff member that is symptomatic will not be
allowed in Clinic until full health is restored.

4. VRS will keep masks and hand sanitizer readily available in all Clinics, for use by staff and
patients, within our VRS facilities. Please see a Receptionist.

5. Any Patient that is coughing or appears contagious MUST be immediately covered with a
mask or rescheduled for treatment on a future date. We will not allow any coughing
patients to be unmasked in our clinics, putting other patients or staff at risk.

6. We will take extra care to sanitize all clinical equipment touched by patients or staff.

7. We will take extra care to sanitize (or glove our hands) before & after each patient

8. We will avoid unnecessary physical contact with patients.

9. VRS has temporarily removed all magazines from its waiting areas to minimize the
spread of the virus on contaminated surfaces.

10.VRS has temporarily removed coffee dispensers, cups and snacks from our offices.
We look forward to offering these items again to our visitors after the pandemic has

11. Consistent with regular VRS policy, all Patient areas are thoroughly and specially cleaned
and sanitized at the end of each Clinic Day.

12. We will remain vigilant to update our Policies and Procedures as the situation evolves.