Caring for a Child’s Eyes

Caring for a Child’s Eyes | VitreoRetinal Surgery, PA | St. Paul MNVitreo Retinal Surgery, PA offices throughout Minnesota are devoted to advanced eye care for retinal diseases. However, we understand that eye care is an important factor in the quality of life of all people. Because August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, we find it a great time to bring up the value of eye exams for children. If you have children in your life, you want to know how to act in their best interest. To do that, you’ve got to know how.

The common school of thought about childhood eye exams is that they revolve around school. It used to be that vision exam were performed on school-aged children at school. We’re not even sure if this is common practice anymore; but if it is, the screenings performed at school are not enough. In fact, they are a bit of a late start.

Ideally, a child will have a formal eye exam between the age of six and 12 months. The closer to six-months, the better. Before this time, an infant observes relatively little. Vision is not yet sharp and clear. But at six months of age, it all comes together. That makes the age an excellent time to evaluate ocular structures, muscles around the eyes, and vision.

It may seem that six months is too early to start testing the eyes, but research suggests that problems such as amblyopia, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can be detected very early in life. Refractive errors can be treated with eyeglasses. Amblyopia, which is known as “lazy eye,” can be treated by covering the strong eye with a patch for a short time.

Eye exams are necessary throughout childhood and are recommended to occur every year once a child starts elementary school. Children are not openly expressive about many subtle health matters. Vision is one of them. A parent or teacher may not realize a child’s vision is poor until they notice a constant frown or squinting. A better approach is to talk with a trusted pediatrician to obtain a recommendation for a pediatric ophthalmologist in your area.

Our staff is here to serve your eye health needs, and to provide information that can benefit those you love. For retinal care services, contact us at (800) 877-2500.

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