Why Changes in Vision Need to be Evaluated

When you hear the words vision and evaluation, you may ask yourself when the last time was that you say your optometrist. If you have never worn glasses or contacts and can still read the print of a book or website, you may wonder why it would be necessary to see any type of eye doctor, let alone a specialist. Here, we discuss a particular condition, a macular hole, that can arise even if your general vision has always been good.

A macular hole is a small gap in the macula, the piece of tissue that is at the center of the retina. When this gap occurs, vision may become distorted or blurry. It may become difficult to read print. Sometimes, a macular hole creates missing areas of sight in a person’s central vision. Any of these symptoms are an alert that you should contact an ophthalmologist or retina specialist.

What causes a macular hole?

About 80% of the eye is comprised of a gel-like fluid called the vitreous. As we age, the consistency of the fluid changes, which can pull on the retina. This tugging could tear the retina, causing a hole. In most cases, macular holes are the result of age-related degradation of the vitreous. Additional causes could be blunt trauma to the eye, diabetic eye disease, and retinal detachment.

How important is it to treat a macular hole?

It is not wise to ignore unusual symptoms that affect vision. Changes to normal visual acuity should be examined by an eye doctor sooner rather than later. In the case of a sudden onset of symptoms like floaters and flashes, emergency medical care must be sought. A macular hole may require surgical intervention to close the gap and prevent fluid from leaking behind the retina. If fluid seeps behind this piece of tissue, detachment could occur.

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